"I have worked with Graeme now for over 17 years; firstly as a colleague in 2 startup companies and more recently during the previous 5 years as a someone who has flexibly filled critical contract roles within my own business. Graeme is a talented and experienced developer with particular expertise in complex open source development. This experience has been invaluable to us and has helped us to grow and develop as a business. He has a fantastic attitude and is always up for a new challenge and to help to transfer his skills and experience. He has added something quite unique and special to my business and I'd heartily recommend his services"
J. Oneill
Managing Director & Owner, Traverse Associates
"Graeme is an extraordinarily experienced Project Manager, Team Leader and Software Engineer who deeply understands his work and gets things done efficiently, thoroughly, and correctly in accordance with best practices. Drawing from his vast experience, Graeme has an immediate grasp of the scope of any project, and is quick to identify potential complications so they can be addressed in the early stage. A natural mentor who is generous with his time and expertise, Graeme can always be counted on by his colleagues to provide valuable insight and guidance. I wholeheartedly recommend Graeme to others in need of project manager or engineering services."
M. Lu
Senior Software Architect, Longview.
"Graeme was a fantastic resource that came through in a crunch when other WordPress developers weren’t able to solve our client issue. He knows his stuff and is very easy to work with. I would recommend him for any of your WordPress or software needs!"
S. Clement
Engagement Marketing, Digital Marketing Consultant
"Graeme was my team leader when I joined Bluecat in 2005. He worked very closely with the CTO and led the only team that responsible for almost all the design and implementation of Bluecat's flagship product "Proteus". The product was later proved a huge success. I was really honored I was working in this team not only for Graeme's strong technical vision and ability, but his integrity and leadership as well. With his leadership, the team ran in an agile spirit which was highly productive and efficient and critical for the company in its initial growth stage. He was also a great interviewer. The people he hired had an unexpected high rate to become highly valuable and longtime contributors to the product."
E. Chen
Senior System Developer, Bluecat Networks
"I first met Graeme at Ericsson Mobile Communications, working on the world's first Symbian smartphone, the Ericsson R380, back in the late 90s. Here, he firmly established himself on a new and unfamiliar software development environment delivering software with great emphasis on team collaboration and quality assurance. His fearless hunger for new challenges both mentally and physically has always made an impression on me and the team. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Graeme and I consider him both as an ex-colleague I can solidly rely upon and a warm friend."
R. Cheung
Broadcast Red Button Engineer, BBC.
"I worked with Graeme when I was starting out in software engineering. He had a confident, level-headed approach to coming up with engineering solutions which made him an invaluable team member. I was always struck by his committed approach to consistently producing high quality work in the face of some very challenging deadlines. Personally it's been an honour to benefit from his advice and friendship over the years."
J. Byron
Mobile Software Engineer, Mosquito

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