Restocking Through Athena

When an order goes from Athena to a supplier to restock products that have run to or below the re-order level, we follow a simple process of restocking items when they are delivered to receiving.

Orders to suppliers can be automatically generated and sent out to suppliers using Athena. At this stage the order details go into hibernation until the order is received.

Once the order is delivered into receiving the order is unpacked and checked against the packaging list or invoice.

The receiver can click on the hibernated order in Athena and input how many of each item were received or remain as a back order.

On submission of the updated order form, Athena goes through a process of updating Shopify inventory quantities so that Athena and Shopify remain synchronised and sales can once again be processed.

Of course there are other manual ways of stocking items. Any workflow contains different use cases such as restocking customer returns, new products as well as existing products.

Working with our customers enables us to identify and deliver new ways of processing restocking workflows.