Maximize Our Technical Support Services

WordPress Technical Support is one of our popular services, but it’s an interesting one that I sometimes have to educate customers about. We charge a standard rate for WordPress change requests, tweaks and fixes. I get requests from customers and we have a conversation about the task or tasks to be completed.

In a world where conversations often happen in a one-way direction via a one-way contact form, customers find it refreshing that I’ll pick up the phone or use messaging to interact with them. I guide them through the steps of how to maximize my technical support services.

By waiting until you have a number of tasks on your to-do list you can minimize charges for work while maximizing the number of tasks that can be completed. Five or ten small tasks that fit in a time slot mean less cost per task. All it takes is a little bit of planning. It’s one of the things that I do with customers that doesn’t get a mention on the website (yet).

Database crashes, hacks, broken themes and other difficult technical support issues may take longer and cost more to fix. But my quote is my quote and as I say, prices don’t creep. If you have any qualms or questions about WordPress technical support and whether it is right for you then it’s best to reach out to me and have a conversation.

Together we can figure out what the best direction is for your WordPress technical support needs.