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Develop using the latest UI technology and techniques to create state of the art apps.

Server Development

Server development that uses best of breed languages and technologies to deliver solutions that work.

NoSQL Data Stores

Leverage document databases for big data and systems that have to scale to thousands of users.

SQL Databases

Vast experience with SQL databases guarantee that complex business requirements can be supported in the long term.

Cloud Hosting

Take advantage of superior cloud hosting to make sure apps scale with your company's growth.

Bespoke Development

Leverage high quality bespoke development that delivers your specific needs.

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Apache Web Server

12-Month Plugin Challenge. Part 3. Install Apache.

I’m developing plugins for WordPress over the next twelve months. As part of this I need to install some software. And document that installation in case you want to do the same. The LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) is key to building plugins. We’ve installed the L. We’re running on Linux. The M

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MySQL Developer

12-Month Plugin Challenge. Part 2. Install MySQL.

WordPress is built upon PHP and MySQL, a popular relational database that is used for both commercial and home projects. It’s the foundation of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP). Huh. In the 12-Month Plugin Challenge we installed PHP, our development language. But without MySQL there can’t be any WordPress content. … let’s install MySQL

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The PHP Elephant

12-Month Plugin Challenge. Part 1. Install PHP.

Let’s start setting up our development environment. You can’t write WordPress plugins without a programming language. And the language of choice for WordPress is PHP.  … I can hear the sighs and laughter…  Wait! Time to get rid of your software development snobbery and realize that whether you program in PHP, JavaScript, C or even

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Building a Shopify App. Part 1.

Just before COVID-19 took hold, I had the opportunity to head down to Cuba for a week with my lovely wife.  Whenever we go away for a beach holiday, I take a laptop with me so I can do some programming. For me being creative is the equivalent of another man’s doing nothing. Just before

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My 12-Month Plugin Challenge.

Like most software developers I’ve been a programing technology zealot for many years.  I’d shun technologies that weren’t the ones I loved and believed in.  I’d shout from the rooftops that I was a real programmer because I wrote C and C++! Java? Miah!   …At least until I became a Java programmer…  Of course, the reality for myself was that

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